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SCI-BUS, SHIWA, EDGI joint Summer School on Workflows and Gateways for Grids and Clouds
Introducing the latest developments in Grid and Cloud computing

Budapest, Hungary, 2-6 July 2012.

Visa information »

From December 21, 2007 Hungary is a member of the Schengen Area, and applies the Schengen legislation in full. The following document on the webpage of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs describes citizens from which countries require visa to enter Hungary and the process of applying for a visa is described here.

If you are not sure whether you need a visa or not then please contact the Hungarian consulate in your home country. They can also give you further information about the visa application procedure.

In case you need an invitation letter to obtain the visa, please send the following information to the local organizers:

Invited person:
  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Passport date of issue
  • Passport date of expiry
  • Duration of stay in Hungary
Contact information:
  • Fax number(s) the invitation letter should be sent to
  • Mailing address the original invitation letter should be sent to
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