One-click demonstration

one-click demo

The service (called “one-click”) is able to deploy complete multi-component e-infrastructure on clouds.

Data Avenue

Data Avenue

The Data Avenue is a file commander tool for data transfer, enabling easy data moving between various storages services (such as grid, cloud, cluster, supercomputers) by various protocols: http, https, sftp, gsiftp, srm, lfn. With Data Avenue you can up- and download your data to storage services for scientific computation. Additionally, you can copy, move and delete files as well as you can create and copy folders.


Porting legacy applications onto grid infrastructures is usually called "gridification". The Grid Application Support Centre (GASuC) provides assistance to current and future grid users and application developers during the application gridification process. GASuC helps identify and apply best patterns, practices, tools and infrastructures in order to get your code running on production grids as soon as possible.

Public gUSE/WS-PGRADE Portal

WS-PGRADE portal is the second generation P-GRADE portal that introduces many advanced features both at the workflow and architecture level. On the workflow level it extends the workflow concept of P-GRADE with new features. Architecturally, it now explicitly distinguishes between two different types of user communities: application developers and end-users.

Public P-GRADE Portal

The P-GRADE Grid Portal is a web based, service rich environment for the development, execution and monitoring of workflows and workflow based parameter studies on various grid platforms. P-GRADE Portal hides low-level grid access mechanisms by high-level graphical interfaces, making even non grid expert users capable of defining and executing distributed applications on multi-institutional computing infrastructures.


The SZDG (SZTAKI Desktop Grid) project is operated by the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems and has three applications running:

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