Occopus is a framework that provides automatic features for configuring and orchestrating distributed applications (so called virtual infrastructures) on single or multi cloud systems. Occopus can be used by application developers and application controllers to manage virtual infrastructures at deployment time and at runtime as well as to create and provide complex virtual infrastructures to be built by one click even by novice cloud users.

gUSE: grid and cloud User Support Environment

The gUSE is a well-known and permanently improving opensource DCI (Distributed Computing Infrastructure) gateway framework that enables users the convenient and easy access of the grid and cloud infrastructures.

The gUSE is the most visited European workflow system as per statistics of EGI (European Grid Infrastructure) Application Database.

DCI Bridge

DCI Bridge is implemented as a set of web services that bind together in flexible ways on demand to deliver user services in Grid and/or cluster and/or cloud and/or web services environments.

DCI Bridge is a web application (sevice) that provides standard access to the distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) like grids, desktop grids, clusters, clouds and service based computational resources by implementing the specification of the OGSA Basic Execution Service 1.0.

3G Bridge

The Generic Grid-Grid (3G) Bridge is an open-source core job bridging component between different grid infrastructures. Its development started in 2008 within the CancerGrid and EDGeS projects.

The aim was to create a generic bridge component that can be used in different grid interoperability scenarios. The 3G Bridge used within the EDGeS project that provides the core component of the Service Grid - Desktop Grid interoperability solution.

P-GRADE Grid Portal

The P-GRADE Grid Portal is a web based, service rich environment for the development, execution and monitoring of workflows and workflow based parameter studies on various grid platforms.

P-GRADE Portal hides low-level grid access mechanisms by high-level graphical interfaces, making even non grid expert users capable of defining and executing distributed applications on multi-institutional computing infrastructures.

SZTAKI Desktop Grid (SZDG)

The goal of SZTAKI Desktop Grid is providing an enterprise solution to exploit PCs and clusters located at different sites of a company or institute, solving large scale distributed programs via an easy-to-use application programming interface. It is extended to include clusters as single powerful PCs and to hierarchically propagate work from one desktop grid to the other.

GBAC - Generic BOINC Application Client

The Generic BOINC Application Client (GBAC) is a virtualization (VirtualBox) based wrapper. Beyond its name it aims to be a generic framework providing virtualized environments for various distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs).


The Generic MetaBroker Service (GMBS) is a software component used within the SHIWA project. It can be used to select a DCI for a service of a workflow.

The broker selection for a user request is based on historical performance metrics of the brokers/submitters and on the latest aggregated background load of the appropriate DCI. The same interface and methodology is used to support multiple, diverse DCIs.


A generic BOINC wrapper for legacy applications utilizing GitBox (a variant of BusyBox): Use POSIX like shell scripting and built-in commands like tar, awk, sed, zip, etc. to control and execute your legacy application.

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