Joint Regional CE EGEE and SEEGRID-2 Summer School on Grid Application Support

Budapest, Hungary
3-8 July, 2006

Researchers from different fields of sciences have already realised the need for tools that foster collaboration with colleagues in order to achieve new results by the sharing available computational and data resources, scientic instruments. Frontiers of science can be expanded nowadays only by using enormous amount of computing power and data storage.

Grid infrastructures developed within the EGEE and SEE-GRID projects enables scientist to create virtual organisations, to share resources and to develop applications that are capable to utilize these resources.

The Joint Regional CE EGEE and SEEGRID Summer School on Grid Application Support aims at introducing Grid technology to potential users and at studying and practicing application development methods and tools using the Central European Virtual Organization of the EGEE Grid infrastructure and the Eastern European Grid infrastructure. Lecturers from these two regions will give talks on available Grid infrastructures, Grid technologies and application development tools and will introduce projects that achieved outstanding results by these solutions. During dedicated sessions the attendees - with the help of our grid experts - can port their own applications onto the VOCE and the SEE-GRID.

The Regional school is open for anyone interested in the use of EGEE and SEE-GRID tools, technologies and infrastructures. Particularly, researchers and students from the Central European and South European regions are expected but anyone interested is warmly welcome.

Because the school is focusing onto the end-user view of Grids it provides a perfect occasion to learn the usage of Grids without the irrelevant and often confusing low-level technical details. Besides getting first-hand user experience, the school will be an excellent forum to meet the representatives of Grid user communities, Grid infrastructure providers and Grid tool developer groups.

Download the invitation/leaflet here.