GRID'05 EGEE Summer School

Budapest, Hungary
July 11-16, 2005

Scientist from the area of biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geosciences etc.., have already realised that they need efficient ways to collaborate with their colleagues all over the world to achieve new results by sharing the available computational resources, databases and scientific instruments. Frontiers of science can be expanded nowadays only by using enormous amount of computing power and data storage.

The EGEE infrastructure enables scientist to join virtual organisations, to share their resources and to create and to use applications in the infrastructure.

The Regional EGEE Grid Summer School aims at introducing Grid technology to potential users and at studying and practicing application developments on the EGEE infrastructure. The Regional school is open for anyone interested in the use of EGEE for one's e-Science research.

Particularly, researchers and students from the Central European and South European regions are expected but anyone interested is warmly welcome.