Enhancing Federated Cloud Management with an Integrated Service Monitoring Approach

TitleEnhancing Federated Cloud Management with an Integrated Service Monitoring Approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKertész, A, Kecskeméti, G, Oriol, M, Kotcauer, P, Ács, S, Rodriguez, M, Mercé, O, Marosi, AC, Marco, J, Franch, X
JournalJournal of Grid Computing
Pagination699 - 720
Date PublishedJan 2013
Keywordscloud brokering, cloud computing, cloud federation, service monitoring
AbstractCloud Computing enables the construction and the provisioning of virtualized service-based applications in a simple and cost effective outsourcing to dynamic service environments. Cloud Federations envisage a distributed, heterogeneous environment consisting of various cloud infrastructures by aggregating different IaaS provider capabilities coming from both the commercial and the academic area. In this paper, we introduce a federated cloud management solution that operates the federation through utilizing cloud-brokers for various IaaS providers. In order to enable an enhanced provider selection and inter-cloud service executions, an integrated monitoring approach is proposed which is capable of measuring the availability and reliability of the provisioned services in different providers. To this end, a minimal metric monitoring service has been designed and used together with a service monitoring solution to measure cloud performance. The transparent and cost effective operation on commercial clouds and the capability to simultaneously monitor both private and public clouds were the major design goals of this integrated cloud monitoring approach. Finally, the evaluation of our proposed solution is presented on different private IaaS systems participating in federations.
Short TitleJ Grid Computing