Strategies for Increased Energy Awareness in Cloud Federations

TitleStrategies for Increased Energy Awareness in Cloud Federations
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKecskeméti, G, Kertész, A, Marosi, AC, Németh, Z
Book TitleHigh-Performance Computing on Complex Environments
VolumeWiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing
Keywordscloud computing, federations
AbstractThis chapter first identifies three scenarios that current energy aware cloud solutions cannot handle as isolated IaaS, but their federative efforts offer opportunities to be explored. These scenarios are centered around: (i) multi-datacenter cloud operator, (ii) commercial cloud federations, (iii) academic cloud federations. Based on these scenarios, we identify energy-aware scheduling policies to be applied in the management solutions of cloud federations. Among others, these policies should consider the behavior of independent administrative domains, the frequently contradicting goals of the participating clouds and federation wide energy consumption.