Application Repository Based Evaluation of the EDGI Infrastructure

TitleApplication Repository Based Evaluation of the EDGI Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsVisegrádi, Á, Ács, S, Kovács, J, Terstyánszky, G
Conference NameMIPRO, 2012
VolumeProceedings of the 35th International Convention
Pagination308 - 313
Conference LocationOpatija
Keywordsapplication repository, BOINC, desktop grid

Abstract - The infrastructure set up by the EDGI EU FP7 project contains Desktop Grid (DG) sites (BOINC or XtremWeb) performing the execution of jobs coming from gLite, ARC or Unicore type service grids. The infrastructure contains an Application Repository (AR) as a central service storing all relevant information for applications. This AR is also the key to the gateways of the Desktop Grid sites, since enabling the execution of a given application on a DG site can be performed through the AR. The entire infrastructure has a monitoring system developed to collect statistical information bout job execution. However, validating the information in the AR and testing job execution against the DG site was still missing. In order to evaluate the operation of the EDGI infrastructure, a new service has been designed and prototyped. This service collects all relevant information and submits jobs to Desktop Grids to gather data about their current state. This data can then be used by monitoring agents. A reporting webpage for the administrators is implemented. We will also show how reporting can be integrated with the Nagios system.