The structure of the Laboratory

Cloud Research Team

Our cloud computing group is focusing on research related to the field of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based cloud systems. We have investigated various applications of virtualization techniques (including several virtual machine monitors - e.g. Xen, Qemu, Kvm). We have provided techniques to extend the currenlty available desktop grid systems with behavior similar to IaaS systems in order to enable the creation of virtual machines on the computing resource donor machines.

Desktop Grid Team

The LPDS Desktop Grid Team is developing easy-to-maintain middleware solutions (such as SZTAKI Desktop Grid) to exploit the spare capacities of home PCs, or computers located at different sites of a company or an institute, and technology for interoperability (3G Bridge) that enables cost-efficient alternative distributed, grid and cloud platforms for scientific and business applications.

Dissemination Team

The Dissemination Team was established to manage the flow of information between LPDS and the public. The team activity includes orginasing conferences, trainings, maintaining news portals about LPDS, keeping in touch with project partners, and working with the press.

Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team is responsible for the maintenance of the e-Infrastructure of the Laboratory. They supervise more than 100 servers, a computer lecture room and the daily usage of the laboratory's infrastructure.

Portal Development Team

The main area of the Portal Research Team in the MTA SZTAKI LPDS is the research of grid middlewares and development of high-level user interfaces.

This team continuously participates in national and international grid research projects, with outstanding results in science gateway development. In this field the main important result of the team is the popular European science gateway called gUSE/WS-PGRADE (continuously developed), made for to access grid and cloud systems through a portal in a convenient and user-friendly way.

Workflow Research Team

The Workflow Research team was established to carry out research focused on specific aspects of workflow specification and enactment. The team is independent from projects but closely collaborates with portal and cloud research and development; the workflow group contributes to specific tasks in projects.

Research challenges aimed at...

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