GridLab , past

Full name A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed
Homepage not specified
Start date 2002
End date 2004
Description The GridLab project was one of the biggest European research undertakings in the development of application tools and middleware for Grid environments. GridLab produced a set of application-oriented Grid services and toolkits providing capabilities such as dynamic resource brokering, monitoring, data management, security, information, adaptive services and more. Services were accessed using the Grid Application Toolkit (GAT) that provides applications with access to various GridLab services, resources, specific libraries, tools, etc. in a way that the end-users and especially application developers can build and run applications on the Grid without needing to know details about the runtime environment in advance.

Hungarian Supercomputing GRID

Hungarian Supercomputing GRID, past

Full name Hungarian Supercomputing GRID
Homepage not specified
Start date 2002
End date 2003
Description The Hungarian Supercomputing Grid (H-SuperGrid) used as a high-performance and high-throughput Grid. In order to achieve these two features Condor, the project used a main Grid-level job manager in the H-SuperGrid and combined with P-GRADE, a Hungarian produced high-performance program development environment.


DemoGRID, past

Full name Connecting Heterogeneous Systems to Solve Data and CPU Intensive Problems
Start date 1st July 2001
End date 31st December 2002
Description This project intended to strengthen this progress in Hungary as well by satisfying the following goals:
  • Connecting eight university and research lab's heterogeneous computing resources into a meta-computer or virtual supercomputer.
  • Proof of its functionality using pilot projects and applications solving real scientific problems.
  • Evaluation of a general computing service for resource intensive applications based on the GRID infrastructure.


DataGrid, past

Full name Research and Technological Development for an International Data Grid
Homepage not specified
Start date 2001
End date 2003
Description DataGrid was a project funded by European Union. The objective was to build the next generation computing infrastructure providing intensive computation and analysis of shared large-scale databases, from hundreds of TeraBytes to PetaBytes, across widely distributed scientific communities.


Simbex, past

Full name Simbex: A metalaboratory for the priori simulation of crossed molecular beams experiments
Homepage not specified
Start date 2001
End date 2005
Description The Simbex portal is specifically designed to support the collaborative efforts of various Computational Chemistry and Computer Science European laboratories aimed at building an a priori molecular simulator based on a Grid infrastructure. Such an environment makes use of free-software packages and was implemented using Web technologies.


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