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Joint European DCI Summer School
Introducing the latest developments in Grid and Cloud computing

Budapest, Hungary, 11-16 July 2011.



Photos of the summer school and the social event can be found under the » Picture galleries page

Presentation slides are available » download

Joint European DCI Summer School 2011 poster is available » download

All participants will obtain a Certificate of Participation after having completed the school and filled in the feedback form.

The Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) projects (EGI-InSPIRE, European Middleware Initiative (EMI), Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE), European Desktop Grid Initiative (EDGI), StratusLab and VENUS-C), funded under the e-Infrastructures topic of the FP7 "Capacities" Specific Programme, will provide a pan-European production infrastructure built from federated distributed resources, ensure the continued support, maintenance and development of the middlewares that are in common use in Europe, explore how grid sites and different applications can be hosted sustainably in commercial, public, publicly procured and private 'cloud computing' environments, and provide desktop resources to the European research community.

The subject of the summer school is to give insights to the technologies provided by the EMI, IGE, EDGI and StratusLab projects. Based on the EGI-InSPIRE and DEGISCO project experiences the school will also address the issues of how to organize production infrastructures based on these technologies, how to port applications for such infrastructures and how to support users of these infrastructures.

To whom do we recommend the summer school?
  • PhD students and technical staff members who are interested in learning the grid middleware, desktop grid and cloud technologies.
  • Applications developers who develop distributed applications based on these DCI technologies and infrastructures.
  • System administrators who would like to be familiar with the latest achievements of Grid developments represented by these DCI projects.
  • Staff members of companies who would like to establish a Grid (Distributed Computing) Infrastructure or would like to extend their existing infrastructure with Grids/Clouds.
  • Anybody, who is insterested in getting an overview about European Grid technologies and latest developments.


Budapest, one of the most beautiful historical capitals in Europe, situated on the banks of the Danube, will host the summer school. The architectural beauty with its monuments from neo-classic through baroque to eclectic art nouveau is prevalent in the city. Budapest is also world famous for its artistic abundance of concerts, operas, recitals, galas and exhibitions. The warm hospitality of people, excellent food and wine reliable and frequent public transportation, vivid cultural life, rich museums attract millions of visitors every year. Visitor friendly visa policy, value-for-the-price services and goods, and pleasant climate make Hungary one of the most popular meeting venues worldwide.

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