Desktop Grid Research Projects


IDGF-SP, past

Full name International Desktop Grid Federation - Support Project
Start date 1 November 2012
End date 31 January 2015
Description Main objective is to involve and engage in long-term significantly more citizens and new communities in the volunteer and private (campus-wide or enterprise) Distributed Computing Infrastructures by supporting the rapid creation, efficient operation, and dynamic expansion of this type of DCIs for e-Science.


EDGI, past

Full name European Desktop Grid Initiative
Start date 1st June 2010
End date 31st May 2012
Description EDGI project main goal was to develop middleware that consolidates the results achieved in the EDGeS project concerning the extension of Service Grids with Desktop Grids in order to support EGI and NGI user communities that are heavy users of DCIs and require an extremely large number of CPUs and cores. EDGI went beyond existing DCIs that are typically cluster Grids and supercomputer Grids in the current NGIs, and will extend them with public and institutional Desktop Grids and Clouds.



Full name Desktop Grids for International Scientific Collaboration
Start date 1st June 2010
End date 31st May 2012
Description The main aim of the DEGISCO project was the further extension of the European DCI infrastructure that is already interconnected by EDGeS to International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC) in strong collaboration with on the one hand local partners in ICPC countries and on the other hand European e-Infrastructure experts (including 3G Bridge know-how) and thus, reinforce the global relevance and impact of European distributed infrastructures.


Web2Grid, past

Full name Web2Grid
Start date 1st December 2008
End date 31st January 2012
Description While WEB2 technologies assist to assure the resources in the desktop grid community on voluntary or settlement bases, the developed platform extended with desktop grid systems offers back-end infrastructure for the operational requirements of WEB2 portals and systems. By combining WEB2 with Desktop Grid technologies, WEB2 can extend its capabilities from the community contents towards to shared services with the help of grid technologies. The project aims to develop the tools, interfaces and methodologies through which the above mentioned targeted services can be established both in closed (local desktop grid), and in open (global desktop grid) environments.


EDGeS, past

Full name Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science
Start date 1st January 2008
End date 31st December 2009
Description EDGeS was a European project with the aim of creating an integrated Grid infrastructure that seamlessly integrates a variety of Desktop Grids with EGEE type of service Grids.
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