Big Data and Agriculture


EGI-Engage, ongoing

Full name Engaging the Research Community towards an Open Science Commons
Start date 1 March 2015
End date 31 August 2017
Description EGI-Engage aims to accelerate the implementation of the Open Science Commons by expanding the capabilities of a European backbone of federated services for compute, storage, data, communication, knowledge and expertise, complementing community-specific capabilities.


AgroDat, ongoing

Full name AgroDat - Agricultural knowledge centre and decision support system
Start date 1 January 2014
End date 31 December 2017
Description The project aims to establish an agricultural knowledge centre and decision support system based on data gathered by an innovative, complex sensor system and from international open repositories. The new research infrastructure and service platform rely on big data, cloud, and HPC technologies to support precision farming.


agINFRA, past

Full name Promoting data sharing and development of trust in agricultural sciences
Start date 15 October 2011
End date 14 February 2015
Description The aim of the Networking Activities from the agINFRA project is to foster a culture of cooperation between the agricultural scientific communities benefiting from research infrastructures and help develop a more efficient and attractive European Research Area.


SCI-BUS, past

Full name SCIentific gateway Based User Support
Start date 1st October 2011
End date 30th September 2014
Description The SCI-BUS project aims to ease the life of e-Scientists by creating a new science gateway customisation methodology based on the generic-purpose gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal family. The customised science gateways will enable scientists to focus on their work and exploit resources of main Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) without the need to deal with the underlying infrastructures' details.
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