Joint agINFRA and SCI-BUS workshop &
agINFRA Open Stakeholder Day

30 May 2013

The main aims of this event are to get closer the Hungarian agriculture related communities and stakeholders to several EU supported on-going projects in the research areas of agriculture and e-Infrastructure.

The one day event consists of two parts: In the morning session the 'Joint agINFRA and SCI-BUS workshop' will be held with invited talks and discussion sessions in English. The afternoon session, the 'agINFRA Open Stakeholder meeting', will be held for the national representatives in Hungarian.

agINFRA project

agINFRA is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) project that introduces the agricultural scientific communities into the vision of open and participatory dataintensive science. In particular, agINFRA aims to design and develop a scientific data infrastructure for agricultural sciences that facilitates the development of policies and the deployment of services that promotes sharing of data among agricultural scientists and develop trust within and among their communities. agINFRA tries to remove existing obstacles concerning the open access to scientific information and data in agriculture, as well as improves the preparedness of agricultural scientific communities to face, manages and exploits the abundance of relevant data that is (or will be) available and can support agricultural research. Ultimately, agINFRA demonstrates how a data infrastructure for agricultural scientific communities can be set up to facilitate data generation, provenance, quality assessment, certification, curation, annotation, navigation and management.

SCI-BUS project

The SCI-BUS (SCIentific gateway Based User Support) project creates a generic-purpose gateway technology that provides seamless access to major European DCIs including clusters, supercomputers, grids, desktop grids, academic and commercial clouds. SCI-BUS elaborates an application-specific gateway building technology and a customisation methodology based on which user communities can easily develop their customised gateways. The developed gateway technology and customisation methodology will be applied to create application-specific gateways customised for various types of user communities including astrophysics, seismology, helio-physics, computational chemistry, bioscience, biomedicine, PireGrid SMEs’ community, Blender community, citizens’ web-2 community, DCI application developer communities, and business process modelling community. SCI-BUS develops business models to enable the commercial exploitation of the developed technologies.

IDGF-SP project

The IDGF-Support Project gives the IDGF a boost in two important areas. Firstly it helps considerably with increasing the number of citizens that donate computing time to e-Science. It does so by targeted communication activities and setting up a network of "ambassadors". Secondly it helps universities' e-infrastructures to include otherwise idle PCs from their class rooms and offices. In addition IDGF-SP collects and analyses data that helps deploying idle PCs in an effective and energy efficient way.